About this Website


When I was searching for some ordinary information, I found that the answers I am getting are not satisfactory. Though I know the answer, I vaguely remember its exact phrases and words. That’s the reason why I made a search. This matter quite surprised me. I spend a lot of time going in so many kitchens to get the recipe I wanted. I made a rotten curry out of it and spoiled all the day. And my neck pain started pinning me during night.

I thought, oldies like me are not supposed to search too much on net, instead go to a library and refer some text book and find an answer. But what if I don’t know the answer? I may believe an entirely wrong idea as the correct one and start building my own knowledge base on something wrong. I know some heated exchanges in the high level technical meetings. Some of them don’t even open their mouth and came out with and give a full one hour talk about the findings of ‘that foolish, inexperienced, idiotic fellow’s presentation’. 

Most of them in the hall believe that the exact answer to the problem is known to me only and others are fools. Ego is the deadliest of the emotions one can have. It can turn brothers who used to perform in school/college times to lifelong enemies. It can turn father against son. But the true fact is that we know very few of the big subject and pretend that we know most. The knowledge I have today is the hard work of so many in the past. I have to accept that. If they have kept all these as their own few, then how would I educate myself? And when I know something I have to pass it on to someone before I leave. This wisdom will appear only when one turns to sixties or seventies. Otherwise at least some snake may bite the milking hand. Getting easy bread will not make any carve in mind. Some are true, some are false. I remember the way I learned my multiplication tables. It was very hard. My teacher used to use a cane stick to beat those who fail to give the multiplication table in that specific rhyme, and many days I tried to and succeeded. Still I can say the table even while I sleep. It is stone carved in my brain. 

So getting the correct answer to a specific question to a student is very important. In this website only Engineering Subjects, that also not all, are presented. The answers are expected from the field experts. This gives them the true finish than the answers from text books. But I remember my professors who were explaining things with a chalk in hand and some magical actions on fingers making big machines going live in the class room. Such magical maestros are also welcome to answer the questions.

All the services through this site will be free. But its human nature that we will not care for something we get free. Here you get only knowledge, which I should say, is the most valuable thing you can have in your life. As a student, you may copy then in your book and use them for your future requirements. We wish you all the very best in your studies.

Dr. M.Sal